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A Firmer chisel has a blade with a rectangular cross-section. This means that they are stronger and can be used for tougher/heavier work. A quality wooden handle chisel set with four convenient sizes. Use to shapeor carve wood.

The use of real tools, with proper supervision helps to encourage children to become confident and capable learners. With the right supervision and guidelines, many children will be able to use real life tools to create, build and also design.


We always recommend children properly supervised and wear appropriate protective clothing, glasses and also gloves where necessary. The use of real life tools in early childhood can lead to real and more meaningful learning experiences. As a result risky play can be an important part of a child's education. In addition with appropriate risk assessments, the use of real tools and risky play allows children to participate in authentic experiences.


Please note that these real tools are not toys and require adequate and responsible supervision. Determined by the service, school and educator.

Chisel Firmer Set

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