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Attention & Focus
Visual Observation & Discrimination 
Visual Memory
Quick Thinking & Action

Help Catty Caterpillar find her shoes in a speedy game of memory either in bright light or in the dark. A card is turned over and players pay attention to Catty’s shoes in the picture and try to memorise them. The card is turned face down and players rush to pick up the shoes that they remember. The more shoes you remember, the higher your points!

Skills gained:

  • Enhances visual observation & discrimination skills.
  • Develops visual memory and shape recognition
  • Promotes quick thinking & action
  • Facilitates language development and vocabulary building

The game contains: 20 shoes, 20 cards, 1 wipe erasable scoring board, 1 wipe erasable marker and instructions.

Suitable for ages 1-4 years.

Measures in cm: 16.5 x 23 x 5.6

Caterpillar Clutter Speed Game of Shoes, Memory & Shadow Objects

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