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Relationship Skills 

Cognitive & Social Empathy

Cooperative Play

Social Awareness 

Caring & Compassionate Community 

Expressive Language

  • Gloom and doom have covered the happy Town of Charms, with the Mean Mouse on the loose! And now the Ministry of Pawsitivity has called upon the 5 most awesome, carin’ and sharin’ cats that ever purred and meowed. Join them in working your charm to turn daily moments into extraordinary rainbow coloured moments!

    Roll the die and race to charm the town by helping, giving goodies, making something, being kind and thoughtful or cheering up someone with your words. Just be careful about rolling the Mean Mouse or being bugged out on the Mean Hill.

    This game can also be played as a co-operative effort, where you have to work as a

    team to collect 5 charms before the Mean Mouse reaches and destroys the Ministry of Pawsitivity.

    This game develops:

    • Relationship skills
    • Cognitive and social empathy
    • Co-operative play
    • Social awareness of a caring and compassionate community
    • Expressive Language

    The game contains: 1 box in a box game board, 4 Cat Movers, 1 Mean Mouse Mover, 5 Wooden Movers stands, 20 Caring cat tokens, 20 heart charms, 30 cards,  1 wooden die and instructions.

    Suitable for ages 6+

    Suitable for 2 or more players

    Measures in cm: 38.1 x 24.8 x 4.5

Caring Cats Kindness Game

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