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3D Geometric shapes cardboard boxes are a great use in both art and maths. Take shapes to the next level with these 3-Dimensional cardboard geometric shaped boxes. They come supplied flat packed for easy decoration, and then have small tabs on the edges to assemble with glue or tape. Simply decorate all the boxes on one side with markers, paint or embellishments and then stick all the tabs together to make each box. TIP: Leave one tab unstuck if you want to use the boxes as a storage option. These boxes are great for storage, giving gifts, decoration or for acknowledging and learning about the different shapes. Used for both Art & Maths activities. Learn about the different shapes by their dimensions, how many sides they have etc. Get the children to draw the shape on paper, and then talk about it. Get them to come up with ideas of other items that are similar in shape. Comes in a pack of 30, the 6 different shapes include a cone, cube, cylinder, pentagonal prism, pentagonal pyramid and square pyramid.

Cardboard Art/Maths Boxes pkt 30

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