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This pocket chart makes teaching your students about the calendar and weather a breeze. Engage children in learning about seasonal happenings and weather with this illustrated chart. The set includes 136 cards featuring dates, weeks, months, years, yesterday, tomorrow and today, holidays and celebrations. It invites children to update the chart daily. The pictures on the cards make it possible to let you include children who aren’t yet reading, to introduce them to seasonal concepts from an early age. The pockets of the charts can be wiped clean. The chart provides storage pockets that hold all cards. Learning about the calendar, days of the month, daily activities and the weather is a relevant topic in the Australian curriculum. Why not make it a daily activity and introduce your students to these concepts in a playful way? The chart includes an Activity Guide. The sturdy flame-retardant vinyl chart with hanging grommets measures 78 x 112 cm. The illustrated frame is not included. Ages 3+ years.

Calendar and Weather Chart

3-5 days
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