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These beakers are made of borosilicate glass, graduated with spout. Great durability and heat resistance. The bulk kit includes 48 beakers of each volume (50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml and 500ml), a total of 240 beakers.


This borosilicate glass beaker is used for stirring, mixing and heating liquids commonly used in many laboratories. These quality beakers have good durability and heat resistance. The glassware is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated acids, chlorine, bromine iodine, and organic matters. It can withstand repeated dry and wet sterilisation without surface deterioration and subsequent contamination. All glassware is annealed under strictly controlled conditions to ensure minimal residual stress in the products. The temperature gradient are consequently low, the coefficient of thermal expansion is low, and the glass can withstand higher temperature gradients and also sudden temperature changes/thermal shocks.


General precautions when using any type of glassware:
– Take time to examine the glassware to ensure that is in good condition. Never use scratched, chipped or cracked glassware.
– Wash glassware promptly after use to avoid hard dried residues.
– Do not use cleaning brushes which are badly worn and where the metal spine may scratch the glass.

Borosilicate Glass Beakers Bulk Pack – 240 piece

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