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A beautifully crafted alphabetic abacus, because you’re never too young to enjoy a classic.
Smooth and sturdy wooden craftsmanship.
An alphabet party on the top, numbered friends at the bottom.
Flip the blocks over and over and over again.

Ages: 2 + Years
Product: 1 wooden stand with alphabet and numbers


B. Toys, B. Toys Australia and Battatt Toys are manufactured by Battat.

Innovation at B. begins with play and results in toys that are well-made. The toys are intended to live fully and to be passed on from one generation to the next. The toys, in fact, are pretty enough to leave out on the living room floor to delight the unexpected guest. Even the music recorded for B. toys is soft and soothing to the ears, just what mums and dads like!

Battat is a family-owned business that is almost 120 years old and has been operating in North America for over 45 years. The company has been in the business of designing and marketing educational toys for toddlers for more than 40 years. Battat’s motto has always been to supply quality toys at affordable prices, keeping in mind that every toy made has to have redeeming values for children using it. The toys all have an educational value, whether it is didactic, nurturing, or collecting and creating worlds for children. The company manufactures to the highest standards both in quality and safety.

Battat Wooden Alphabet & Numbers Stand

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