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The Amazing Crystal Garden pack contains limestone pieces which, when placed in distilled white vinegar (available from all supermarkets, not included in the kit) and the instructions followed, produce real crystals similar to those shown below.


Completely safe for children when instructions are followed.

Amazing Crystal Growing Kit

  • Crystal Growing kits come in a range of 6 colours. Includes an educational booklet describing how crystals form and how to conduct the experiment. All tools and equipment necessary to grow the crystals are included in the pack. 

    Range of Colours: White, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and Blue - If you wish to have a specific colour, please specify in the comments section. We will try to supply specify colours if they are avaiable.  Other wise random colour will be selected.

    Ages 8+


    This kit contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused

    Adult supervision is required. Not suitable for children under 8 years of age.

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