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This Learning Can Be Fun Alphabet Is Fun Wall Chart is perfect for displaying in bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms or even the back of the bathroom door. This poster shows the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase letters and corresponding images to help develop sound skills. The surface is laminated so it can be written on with dry-erase markers and wiped off again.


  • This is a great reference tool that can be displayed anywhere in the home or classroom.
  • It is suitable for anyone who is learning about letters and sounds.
  • The laminated surface means that this poster can be written on with non-permanent markers.
  • It measures 500 x 740 mm.
  • The bright images encourage learning and makes it fun.
  • It is recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • The forestry content of this product has been sourced from an FSC certified supplier, supporting healthy forests and protecting wildlife.

Alphabet Is Fun Poster

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