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Adventures in Literatrure is an All-Australian English Program for grades 3-7 Each week begins with a literature study from great works such as "Storm Boy", "The House of Pooh Corner", or factual pieces.


All Strands of English are covered, inlcuding comprehension, literature, narration, copy and dictation work, grammar, formalities, correct usage, book reviews. poetry and oral/written work.  All together this forms a complete priamry English programme, presented in text-book format: no need to re-buy all those workbooks!


Study Texts used (provided in the book):

  • At The Fire Meeting
  • Two Bullfinches
  • One Goes A-Hunting
  • The Pet Shop
  • Dr. Dolittle Prevents a Shipwreck
  • Medicine for the King
  • Adrift on an Ice-Cake
  • The Pelicans are Rescued
  • A Game Becomes an Adventure
  • Open Sesame
  • Where is Woogoo?
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Mumfie in the Train 
  • The Horrid Gander
  • The Beginning of Wheat 
  • A Fox on a Moonlight Night
  • Seven Times Twelve
  • Lady Greensleeves 
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Dragon Fish
  • In the Baker's Garden
  • A River Murray Punt
  • Elise Piddock is a Born Skipper 
  • Sheba's Family
  • Winkle Makes a Haul
  • Father Shows How
  • Jack in the Ogre's Kitchen
  • Sniff and the Garnetts
  • The Little Wooden Horse
  • The Gnomes Find a Trail
  • Thelka! You Naughty Girl
  • Ancient Clowns!
  • Telling the Time; Carols


Adventures In Literature Book 2 Student Book (Grade 4)

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