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First buy the Student Pack and then add this laminating service if you would like us to laminate all the cards in your pack.


Laminating the cards will extend the life of these flashcards by protecting them from wear.  Lamination protects from fading & dye migration and will act as a barrier to protect the images and text on your cards which will make them more durable. Messy or wet hand will now not damage these cards and especially good for multiple use in large families or classrooms.

AAR Pre-Reading: Card or Review Book Laminating Service

  • If you are teaching more than one student at a time, you will need to order additional Student Packets for each student. The Level 1 Teacher & Student Pack contain enough for teaching one student.

    If you will be reusing your Level 1 Materials for future students, you can reuse the Student Packets. Download extra consumable components of the Level 1 Student Packet here:

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