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A Classical History of Art takes the student through more than 5,000 years of art history. From the prehistoric period to the beginning of modern art, this course demonstrates the significance of classical values in the sculpture, architecture, and painting of the West. The student will learn a proper regard for the greatness of classical art and master the dialogue necessary to direct interactions with the Beautiful.


Join Kyle Janke as he explores the key works of each time period, with a particular focus on Greek sculpture, Gothic cathedrals, and the Renaissance. This beautiful Student Book includes chapter introductions, full color images, discussion questions, and more.


Product Description

This course has 12 lessons and is intended to be completed over the course of one semester. The curriculum presents the features, terms, and pertinent discussion questions of each period, supplemented by close analysis of major works, lessons in visual composition, and master copy drawing assignments.


Chapter 1: Prehistoric Art
Chapter 2: Egyptian Art
Chapter 3: Aegean Art
Chapter 4: Greek Art
Chapter 5: Roman Art
Chapter 6: Byzantine Art
Chapter 7: Medieval Art
Chapter 8: Gothic Art
Chapter 9: Renaissance Art
Chapter 10: Reformation and Counter-Reformation Art
Chapter 11: Revolutionary Art
Chapter 12: Modern Art


Note: This study of classical art does include images that contain nudity. 

A Classical History of Art Student Book - Grades 9+

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