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In order to help you decide where to place your student within the series, we offer Placement Tests. Begin evaluation using the Placement Test for the current grade level of your student. Proceed, moving forward or backward in grade levels, until you determine the best placement for your student. In addition, viewing the scope and sequence and sample lessons at the various grade levels will assist you in the placement of your student.

The Blue Book – First Grade Skills 

The Red Book – Second Grade Skills 
The Yellow Book – Third Grade Skills 
The Orange Book – Fourth Grade Skills 
The Purple Book – Fifth Grade Skills 
The Tan Book – Sixth Grade Skills 
The Green Book - Seventh Grade Skills 
The Gray Book - Eighth Grade Skills 
The Gold Book - High School Skills 

**We offer only one Gold Placement Test. If your student scores well on the Placement, he should do well in either the Gold Book – World Literature, the Gold Book - American Literature, or The Gold Book - British Literature.

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