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Math Formulas

Knows all about arithmetic (fractions and decimals and percents)

     There are many home schooling math curricula out there.

.......Some of them are so boring/repetitive that kids quickly forget anything they may have learned.

.......Some of them are mathematically light-weight.  The kids think that they have learned all of arithmetic.  That is, until they hit their SATs or a college classroom.  At that point they find out that there are big gaps in their knowledge.


     With that in mind, let's see how much arithmetic your child has learned. 

     Here are some representative questions to ask your child.  They are taken from Life of Fred: Fractions and Life of Fred: Decimal and Percents.  Have them take out a piece of paper and play with these questions . . .

        Each of these two books contains more material than their titles indicate.  Here are some questions from these two books of the series.  Have your child answer these questions and we'll see where in the series is the best place to start. 

1.  Write 99 in Roman numerals.  (from Life of Fred: Fractions, p. 74)
2.  What is the square of two and five-eighths?  (Life of Fred: Fractions, p. 131)
3.  What is the inverse function to "multiply by six and then add twenty-four"?  (Life of Fred: Fractions, p. 131
4.  If a fence is 52" tall and it is made 40% higher, how tall would it be?   (Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents, p. 137
5.  Fred had 2100 books in his office.  He lent 37% of them to students.  How many books are still in his office?  (Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents, p. 124)

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