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Colorful Books

Literature and poetry are central subjects in a classical education. Why? Because, along with history, literature and poetry are the chief ways that we pass on the ideals and values of traditional Western Christian culture. Not only will your child’s affections be trained to love the good (and hate the bad) through characters they encounter in great literature, but they will get a glimpse into the wonder of reality that only good poetry can reveal to us. Our literature and poetry program brings you a choice selection of the best books by the best authors.

Literacy Study Units

If you can't see an item that Memoria Press have on their website - we can do a special order for you in our next order.  Contact our office at for a quote on pricing.

Some products on our website are not in stock but can be ordered as a pre-order.

We do stock some Pre-owned readers and novels on our other website for pre-owned resources click here 

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