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All our classes are currently being held online.


Specially 4 You Education is an English tutoring service catering to learners of all levels.
With online classes and face-to-face classes in Berwick and Knox, we help children from Prep to Year 12, and we also specialise in assisting those with English as a second language.


Susanne homeschooled all three of her children over a period of 20 years, covering their entire pre-university education. Combining this with her many years of experience in the education sector has enabled Specially 4 You Education to understand the complexities and unique features of the journey of homeschooling. A significant percentage of our students are homeschooled, and many of our English writing classes cater for their specialised needs, including earlier times of the day and locations near their place of residence.

Specially 4 You Education understands that homeschooling parents often choose this path out of a desire to have direct input in their children’s education. We pride ourselves on treating learning as a collaboration between us, a child and their parents.



Specially 4 You Education is a personalised English tutoring service that caters to all levels of learning, dedicated to empowering your child to succeed. We believe all children can develop a love of reading and writing, and it is our goal to help, no matter what level your child is at.

We offer both individual and group English writing classes for the entire range of school-aged children from Prep to VCE. Our writing classes use curriculums we have developed ourselves, tested and proven through many years of education experience, and are adjustable based on specific learning needs. We know that not all children learn at the same pace, and that is okay. Our English classes are limited in size to ensure every child receives the best care we can give, and we provide personalised feedback on every piece of writing your child submits. The teaching models we use consistently demonstrate growth in a child’s capacity to create, analyse and understand the many different forms of English writing. We are here to help your child develop confidence and a love of learning.

All students learn differently. Some are very visual. Others like to read information thoroughly. Some children prefer working in a class environment, while others benefit more from one-on-one tutoring. We believe there is no right or wrong setting when it comes to education, because it all depends on the student.

Group classes at Specially 4 You still involve individual attention from a tutor, while concepts are explored with the whole class. Many children flourish in this environment. Other children, particularly those who are prone to distractions, achieve much more benefit from one-on-one tutoring, where they can focus solely on their own work. We cater for both!

We also offer online classes. We have successfully tutored students from across Australia and overseas. With the technology available today, distance is no longer a barrier.


We believe the key to successful tutoring is having everybody on the same team. We always seek to partner with both parents and teachers so that we can best address a child’s needs. We work closely with parents to find out your child’s goals, preferred learning styles, and how we can best help. Parents also play a key role in the ongoing tutoring process, so we love to have you involved every step of the way.


Our founder, Susanne McQuie, has first-hand experience moving to a new country. She understands how difficult it can be to leave family and friends behind, and also how hard it can be to learn a new language. Australia is a diverse nation with families from many different nationalities. When English isn’t the first-spoken language at home, children can find it difficult to adapt in school.

We are experienced and uniquely qualified in teaching English as a second language. Not only do we help students improve their English skills so they can excel in school, but we also cater for adults too. If you have a need to communicate more easily in an English-speaking environment, we are here to help.


The team at Specially 4 You Education really care about making a difference. We’ve seen the positive change experienced by students when they re-discover a love of learning. English subjects can be particularly challenging, especially for those from non-English speaking backgrounds, and we absolutely love helping students navigate through those difficulties.

While we are here to improve your child’s results in English subjects, we also take great pride in developing a passion for learning. Seeing children overcome their problems and discover a new love for reading and writing is why we do what we do.

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