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Singapore Maths FAQs

The Singapore curriculum for mathematics and science has consistently produced excellent results. Singapore is at the top of the charts in international comparisons of educational systems such as TIMSS and PIRLS. More than 30 countries worldwide have successfully integrated the textbooks and workbooks into their schools and are achieving their desired outcomes!

If your question isn’t answered here, please call us on 0410711313 and we will be more than happy to answer quiestions.

Primary levels

What books are a must?

Student textbooks and workbooks are the core of our program. Teaching guides are also an invaluable tool for classroom teachers as they outline the learning objectives, additional classroom activities and the schemes of work. The student books (textbooks) have many examples of concrete and pictorial activities which are meant to be performed in a guided practice environment (guided by an adult but performed by the student). This formulates the basis for learning. In a classroom children would typically use the textbooks to reflect on methods their “friends” in the book used to solve a given task. The workbook is meant for individual work: the students answer and solve a series of questions designed to reinforce what they have just learned. 

What is the difference between the digital product and printed Teacher's Resource Materials?
The digital product is a 12-month subscription to Shing Lee platform but both products are the same.
What is in the Teacher's Resource Book?

The teacher's resource book contains all the answers to the problems in the textbooks and workbooks as well has a Scope and Sequence, which is useful for homeschooling registration plans or for teacher in classroom setting.  Contains teaching notes and will help you setting a plan to pace the course for each of the four terms for the school year.

Does the Singapore Maths alien with Australian school grades?

No, it does not alien fully with the Australia Curriculum but to find where you student should start its best to do a placement test.  You may find that your student may place lower than their grade level with Singapore Maths.  Please don't be alarmed as it important to for the student to be in the correct level.  It's better to go back a level so student can recap concepts with Singapore Maths and not struggling in their understanding.

If my child shows proficiency in part A in a given level, but not B, can I start my child at part B?

It's not recommend starting a Singapore Maths level at B (halfway through) as it's best to start at the beginning (Part A). In start in at part A, you will then cover the topic and concepts in full which is important in preparing student future levels.

Are eBooks available for Singapore Maths?

Yes, Shing Lee (publisher of New Syllabus Maths) has an online platform which gives access to the eBooks (one-year subscription).  Generally, the online subscription is cheaper than the printed copies.  There is not printing option with the online platform so if you require more than a year subscription, then you will need to renew the subscription for another year.

Does Singapore Maths match the Australian Curriculum requirements?

Generally, if follows much of the Australia Curriculum.  Singapore Maths is ahead in all the basic topics but lacking in probability as its not taught until Year 8.  There are more details in our Comparision Charts on the main page for Singapore Maths.

Highschool levels

Is the workbook necessary?

The workbook is necessary as the course is spread over the textbook and workbook. The workbook has problems that are necessary to meet the full course requirements. The think! edition has everything necessary to complete the course in the textbook and contains extra work for extension.  The think! edition covers 5 years in 4 books – you can slow your pace if you need to.

Is the Teacher’s Resource Book necessary?

The Teacher’s Resource Book for high school levels contains fully worked solutions to all the textbook problems as opposed to just answers, which are at the back of the textbook. For most parents, the Teacher’s Resource Book is the key to succeeding with teaching high school mathematics.  Its highly recommended to purchase the teacher's book regardless on level of teaching experience.

The Teacher’s Resource Book also contains teaching notes and a Scope and Sequence to assist you with planning.

Does Singapore high school maths match the Australian Curriculum requirements?

 All topics are covered but some are taught earlier and some later. Over the whole course, all topics are covered.

General questions about Singapore Maths

How good is Singapore Maths?

Singapore consistently produces students that outperform other nations in international assessments, and always outperform Australian students. This article comments on some of the latest statistics.

Singapore Maths for schools

Where do I find information about implementing Singapore Maths at my school?

Singapore maths is increasingly being used by schools, especially specialist and individual needs programs. Please visit our Schools Hub for programs and other relevant information for schools wanting to implement Singapore Maths. 

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