Adam Andrews

Missy Andrews

Teach your students to discern truth in literature and analyze authors' worldviews with this inspiring seminar.

† Contains distinctly Christian content


Help your students learn to ask fundamental questions that will allow them to discover the author’s worldview and thus be well equipped to understand and interpret his work properly.


Featuring live discussions of works by Jack London and Flannery O'Connor, the seminar also includes a brand new Socratic List of 113 discussion questions designed to help you analyze any book.


Alumni of the original Teaching the Classics program will be pleased to find a familiar method applied to a brand new task—worldview analysis.


Help your students understand what they read at the deepest level – the worldview level.

Designed as a tool for investigators in search of the worldviews hidden in all Great Books. Use the keys we provide to unlock the secrets of any book – so that you can know the author, and yourself, more fully.

Worldview Detective is a powerful revision and extension of CenterForLit’s Teaching the Classics: Worldview Supplement.

It’s a three-hour training course for parents, teachers and secondary students.

Instead of requiring a rigid curriculum, Worldview Detective teaches a method for analysis that can be used with any book in the world.

This book is designed to accompany the 3-hour DVD presentation.  It contains supplementary materials for the parent or teacher, including:

  • The complete text of Jack London’s To Build a Fire
  • A revised and expanded Socratic List of discussion questions for worldview analysis
  • Discussion questions and answers for the stories covered in the DVD presentation
  • Summaries of major literary periods and common worldviews
  • Instructions for obtaining Flannery O’Connors Revelation
  • An explanation of and warning against “Christian Deconstruction”


The DVD presentation includes:

  • Step-by-step techniques for “detecting” an author’s worldview through close reading
  • Worldview analyses of famous works by Jack London and Flannery O’Connor
  • Detailed instructions for applying a Christian worldview to any book (Hint:  it is much simpler – and more demanding – than you think!)
  • A revised and expanded Socratic List for worldview analysis, including live explanations and guidance for each question
  • Explanations of important terms like worldview, deconstruction, naturalism, realism, romanticism, modernism and more
  • Summaries of major literary periods and common worldviews
  • Live demonstrations of CenterForLit’s famous Socratic teaching technique

DVD presentations feature both Adam and Missy Andrews in a Socratic discussion setting that models our instructional techniques.

Accompanying syllabus provides the full text of an example story as well as additional resources for teachers

Grade Level:  8-12


Who should take this course?

Parents and Teachers

Students in grades 8-12


Is this a curriculum?

No. Worldview Detective is a method for analysis that can be applied to any work of fiction.


Can I just buy the syllabus?

No. They were designed as a set and are not intended to be used separately.  The syllabus alone will not teach you the discussion technique at the heart of our approach, nor will it explain the crucial concepts upon which our approach is based.


Worldview Detective (DVD Seminar & Workbook)






    73 pages, 4 DVDs

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