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​For sixth grade skills and up, Wordsmith is the perfect companion to Learning Language Arts Through Literature. For young people who want to improve their writing skills, step-by-step instructions are provided that will help any writer improve his techniques. The introduction provides a brief review of grammar followed by instruction on building stronger sentences, exercise in descriptive and narrative writing, creating dialogue, story writing, and writing from a particular point of view. Plus, the essential skills of every good writer, practice in proofreading and revising. The third edition contains updated information, additional  material, and more illustrations.


Parents who lack confidence in their ability to teach students how to write will appreciate the inexpensive teacher's guide. It includes answers, lesson plans, teaching suggestions, and ideas for expanding lessons.

Cathy Duffy -- 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Wordsmith Grades 6-9 Student

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