Students, learn to practice excellent communication skills! With this curriculum authored by the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA), students receive instruction for writing and presenting speeches in five categories: Platform, Interpretation, Impromptu, Apologetics, and Extemporaneous.

† Contains distinctly Christian content


This course is the springboard to effective communication, teaching students to excel not only in competitive speech, but in also in their everyday lives. Throughout the course students will discover the importance of honing a message, how to incorporate the elements of storytelling, and how to evaluate how their message is being received, all in an effort to increase their effectiveness as communicators.


For the 2017–2018 competitive NCFCA season, supplements are now included for After Dinner Speaking and Original Oratory Platform events. Receive all necessary material to teach these speeches as PDF downloads with the purchase of any NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Speech product.



Competitor’s Handbook

  • Instruction material on all speech events
  • Assignment checklists
  • Assignment worksheets and completed samples



Competitor's Handbook Sample.pdf

The NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Speech (Competitor's Handbook)





First Edition, October 2016

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352 pages


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