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20 Amazing Science Tricks 

Age 6-99


Science is around us, everywhere and all the time.  Within this set of science tricks you'll find amazing surprises in the kitchen, living room and really.... everywhere.


How can you create ice without a fridge?

How can you build a hovercraft?

Can you peel an egg and leave it in one piece?


Within this science tricks box you'll find 20 cards, each containing instructions on science experiments using materails that can found in every house.  Each trick has a simple, yet clever, scientific explanation.


All magic tricks were designed for children 6 and above. Some magical tricks may require adult supervision where indicated.


The Crazy Scientist series was created by a joint venture of 2 crazy scientist and the Purple Cow.  The Crazy Scientist spent over 10 years enriching kids with the love of science and for this set - chase the most amazing tricks ever.

The Crazy Scientist Indoor Science Trick Cards

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