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These adorable plastic weight-related teddy bear counters come in red, yellow, blue and green and four different sizes. Also four masses, weighing respectively 12, 9, 6 and 3 gram.


A set of 96colourful bears, each teddy bear displaying its mass on the belly. Supplied in a sturdy storage container. Use these counters for a wide range of (mathematical) activities. Sort the teddy bears by shape as well as by size/weight. Or create a pattern of bears. Because the teddy bears are four different masses, they can also be used in combination with a scale or balance for weight related activities. Find out that two bears of 3 grams are the same weight as 1 bear of 6 gram.


The ability to sort objects and classify them according to specific features is an important aspect of early mathematical thinking. Along with the development of counting. Furthermore the process of counting is a complex one. Involving building an understanding of the order of number names, the ability to match number words with objects in a collection and understanding the cardinal aspect of a number. As a result the use of materials for counting and sorting assists children in building skills of conservation, classifying, comparing, ordering and patterning.


The bear counters are suitable for children from the age of 3 years and above.

Teddy Bear Counters – Set of 96 pieces in Jar

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