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These A3 Swap, Write and Wipes Sleeves pack of 5 reduces your photocopying time and budget. All A3 photocopied sheets can be used a number of times. If they are removed with care and stored for further use with these economical Swap, Write ‘N’ Wipe Sleeves. Each sleeve has a side opening. Thus making sliding your work sheets in and out easy and without scrunching or tearing. Use these write on/wipe off sleeves with any subject where black line masters are required. The elastic loop at the top of the sleeve will keep your low odour write on/wipe off pens in place. Also when the sleeve is not being used during the lesson, or at the end of the lesson when the sleeves are placed back into storage.


Each a random colour will be selected


Comes as each, 5 pack or classroom set of 30.

Swap Write Wipe Sleeves A3

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