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Sunprint Kit 15's is an exciting and engaging way to combine art and science in a creative activity. Using sunlight and water, you can make photographic-type prints with this blue sun-sensitive paper. Perfect for creating unique white images using leaves, flowers, coins, and other objects as templates. The process is simple, fun, and educational. A thick acetate sheet is included to help keep the paper in place during the process.

  • Pack of 15 sheets of sun-sensitive paper
  • Create photographic-type prints using sunlight and water
  • Ideal for making white images with various objects as templates
  • Quick and easy process: 3-7 minutes in the sun, followed by a 2-minute soak in tap water
  • Thick acetate sheet included to lay over the top of the paper to prevent movement
  • Sheet size: 20 x 30cm

The Sunprint Kit is a great choice for a variety of art projects and educational activities. The process is simple: arrange your chosen objects on the sun-sensitive paper, cover with the acetate sheet to keep everything in place, expose it to sunlight for 3-7 minutes (depending on the intensity of the sun), and then soak the paper in tap water for 2 minutes to reveal your creation.


This pack of 15 sunprint paper sheets and an acetate sheet is an excellent addition to any art or science supply collection, providing a unique and engaging activity for both children and adults. Whether you're a teacher looking for a fun way to introduce concepts of light, photosensitivity, and chemical reactions, or a creative individual seeking a new medium to explore, the Sunprint Kit offers a world of possibilities.

Super Sunprint Kit (20 x 30cm) - Pack of 15

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