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The i-explore™ Study Scope is designed for viewing solid or three dimensional objects rather than glass slides. This scope makes it possible to view virtually anything magnified 20X. Additionally, the binocular head allows comfortable viewing with both eyes (no more squinting) and the built in light illuminates all specimens for premium viewing every time. Real glass optics provide high quality images and battery power makes it portable for outdoor use. Note that this Scope does NOT let you view traditional glass slides. As a result this study scope is ideal for collectors and hobbyists. This hence allows users to explore the great diversity in nature.


  • Binocular eye tubes
  • Built-in light source
  • Real optical glass lenses
  • 20X Magnification
  • Portable battery power
  • Vinyl dust cover
    Finally requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Study Scope – 20X Magnification

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