Level II of this program is designed to help beginners learn the proper way to sing. Includes spiral bound book, CD, and coloring sheets.


Early childhood, slightly more difficult (ages 4+)



  • Ponies, Ponies, (Round)
  • Lightly Row
  • French Children's Song
  • The Barnyard Song
  • Au Clair de la Lune (French)
  • Long, Long Ago
  • O Come, Little Children
  • My Home's in Montana
  • Now the Day is Over
  • May Song


A little more challenging than Level I, this selection of songs may bring back memories to parents and teachers of some of their own childhood favorites. “Ponies, Ponies” is an easy two- or three-part round, not at all difficult to sing. “Barnyard Song” is as much of a hit with boys as with girls. There are songs for certain seasons, such as “May Song,” and “O Come, Little Children,” a nice song for Christmas. This level also includes two songs in French.


By this time, the students are usually able to sing a complete musical phrase from beginning to end without taking extra breaths in the middle. Also, articulation of the lyrics becomes very clear once the students have made the effort to speak the words slowly before attempting to sing each song. Consider having students present a short recital for their parents or the rest of the class, performing all the pieces in the book once they are well memorized.


Students can sing along with the voice tracks on the audio CD until they know the songs and then with the accompaniment tracks only. Or you may prefer to use the Level II Piano Accompaniment Book to provide live accompaniment.

Singing Made Easy - Level II

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    CD, Book, and Coloring sheets

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