Build circuit loops, spin motors and pinwheels, light up bulbs, connect batteries and buzzers, send coded messages, and more with the Science Wiz Electricity Kit!

The Electricity Kit offers over 18 experiments and activities with an illustrated 40 page manual that combines simple, colourful instructions with basic concept information for a deeper learning experience. The kit is packed with parts, providing over 24 materials to get you started with hours of fun and learning. All you need is one D cell battery (not included) and you have everything you need to spark your new found knowledge of electricity!

Age: 6+ Adult Supervision Required

What You Get

1 x Science Wiz Electricity Kit

Science Wiz Electricity Kit includes:

  • Motor
  • Buzzer
  • Light bulb and holder
  • LED
  • 4 x Alligator leads
  • Pin wheel
  • Potholder loop
  • 2 x Rubber bands
  • 6 x Paper disc cut-outs
  • 2 x Paper fasteners
  • Paperclip
  • Aluminium foil
  • Paddle pop stick
  • 40 page instruction manual


  • Electricity 
  • Energy

Science Wiz Electricity Kit Plus Book


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