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Tactile Awareness & Discrimination

Visual Spatial


  • The Chef Dog is proud of his silly-i-cious sandwich creations. But just before he has a chance to deliver his order of 6, his monkey friend gets up to mischief! The sandwiches have come apart! Chef Dog needs some help to put them back together in the right combinations. Players have to hurry or Chef Dog will be late with his delivery! Players have to use their senses of vision and touch to be a winner in this game.

    Skills developed:

    • Tactile awareness & discrimination
    • Enhances visual matching skills
    • Promotes spatial skills
    • Builds memory
    • Develops processing speed

    The game contains: 30 MDF bread slices, 6 Chef Hat tokens, puzzle pieces and instructions.

    Age 4 and above

    Number of players: 1-5

    Measures in cm: 33 x 13 x 6.4

Sandwich Mix-Up Speedy Matching Game

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