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Onepolystyrene sheetmeasuring 29 x 40cm. Combine into art or STEM lessons for all sorts of fun exploration and discovery. Cuts easily with scissors or a stencil knife for precise edges.

Polystyrene is such a versatile product, allowing students to cut the sheet down into the desired shape to make all sorts of artworks. Glue the edges together to make all sorts of architectural buildings, structures and forms. Use to create stunning 3D artworks. Polystyrene sheets can be painted or spray painted and embellished as desired. Polystyrene floats on water, making these sheets a terrific resource for making floating boats and watercraft as part of STEM and STEAM based exploration. Polystyrene sheets can also be cut down to make stencils and stamps to use as part of art and craft lessons, allowing students to explore with prints and print making. Polystyrene sheets can also be cut down and personalised into hanging ornaments- ideal for Christmas decorations or ornamental door hangers as stunning presents and keepsakes. A handy tool to use for making fancy dress costumes, decorations for Easter Hat parades, masks or dramatic play props.


Polystyrene sheets are wonderfully open ended resources for Makerspace and STEM creation stations. Students are able to use a collection of resources along with their own imaginations to create and invent all sorts of wonderful things. What can your class make with polystyrene sheets?

Polystyrene Sheet

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