Magnets & More 8 Pieces $13.95


Learn about the power of magnetism with this 8 piece magnet set. The set includes a horseshoe magnet, paperclips, bar magnets and round magnets. Not suitable for children under 6 years.


What can I do with my Magnets?

See what kinds of things your magnet will pick up. Try paper clips, coins, keys, pins, nails, aluminum foil, wood or plastic.  Which of these items is attracted to your magnet?  Whatever is attracted to your magnet probably contains iron.


What are the "N" and "S" on the ends of the horseshoe?

They stand for North Pole and South Pole.  Everything magnet has at least two poles, a North and a South.  If you have another magnet, hold it up to each end of the horseshoe. Opposite poles attract, or pull together.  Like poles repel, or push apart.

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