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Life of Fred for the Beginning Reader

This is the third set of six books of the Life of Fred for the Beginning Reader series.


  • Electricity
  • Dinner
  • Evening
  • Garden
  • Peach
  • Going Home


This delightful romp for young beginning readers unfolds over the 18 books of the series as Fred (age 4) and Kingie (his doll) go on an exciting adventure. These storybooks also teach about counting, compass directions, patience, plant parts, dollars, and the days of the week.

Buy these books as a set to qualify for free shipping in the US.  Each book has 32 pages.

ISBNs: 978-1-937032-36-4, 978-1-937032-37-1, 978-1-937032-38-8, 978-1-937032-39-5, 978-1-937032-40-1, 978-1-937032-41-8.

NEW Life of Fred Beginning Reader Series Set 3

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