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Does your child love books, but can't stay still long enough to focus on reading one?

Would you like to improve your child's reading ability?

Don't know where to begin to stimulate a greater love of reading in your child?


Award-winning author Jackie French knows what it is to struggle with reading and literacy. Drawing on her own experience with dyslexia, Jackie has written this book to help parents identify the possible reading difficulties their children may have. All children learn differently, and Jackie offers many fun and rewarding ways to help launch your child into literacy. These include games for coordination, concentration and focus as well as helpful steps to kickstart your child into reading and to foster a life-long love of books. I Spy a Great Reader is filled with a wealth of advice, anecdotes and activities - it's a book every parent should own.

I Spy a Great Reader: How to Unlock the Literacy Secret and Get your Child Hooke

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