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Hand Magnifier with a securely set lens in plastic frame with an easy-to-grip handle. Ages 6+ years

Hand held magnifiers are ideal for every science centre. Terrific for the younger years of primary school and onward. They’re easy to use and make investigation of detail fascinating and fun. Investigate the world of the small up close while finding out all the detail you can’t see without magnification. Exploring the world around us can lead children with so many incredible findings. With such a simple tool children are able to see the world around them in a whole new light with fine detail.


Hand magnifiers are a great tool for science exploration and the world of optics. Students can learn about near, middle and far and how objects may appear from various distances. Students will find that the closer the hold the hand magnifier to the object, the bigger and closer it will appear. A great way to explore how the word “magnify” means to make something appear larger than it is. Students may like to explore the concept of magnification further using water magnification, magnified light, magnifying and measuring objects all the way through to the use of microscopes.

MTA has a range of products that can allow your students to explore optical sciences. There’s no limit to the possibility of findings!

Hand Magnifier 3x & 8x

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