What's included:

- 5 Compostable compost bins

- 5 Compostable paper lids

- 1 Dishwasher-safe reusable Greenlid 

How to use: just fill it with your food waste, and after 2-3 weeks of use, compost the entire container in your own backyard compost bin or green council bin 


The Greenlid makes composting easy and kitchen friendly. Compared to home containers or plastic alternatives, is leak proof and with no smell, and ready to be disposed and made into compost once full. Never clean your kitchen compost bin again!

Made in Canada from end-of-Life cardboard, 100% biobased, and certified compostable (BPI Certified)

Greenlid Compostable Compost Bin - Starter Kit (15 Pack + Reusable Greenlid)


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