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Create sketches bursting with gesture and flow using the Faber-Castell Charcoal Sketch Set. Including a variety of Pitt charcoal types, this versatile selection allows for countless application techniques, including seamless smudging and erasing.

This pack includes the following Faber-Castell products in a durable cardboard box with a pull-out tray for easy storage:

2 Pitt Natural Charcoal Sticks (6-11 mm)
1 Pitt Natural Charcoal Pencil Medium
1 Pitt Compressed Charcoal Pencil Soft
1 Pitt Pastel Pencil White Medium
1 PVC-Free Kneadable Art Eraser
1 Paper wiper

Product Features:

  • Eco Pencil wood from sustainable forestry
  • Exceptional quality offers stunning professional results
  • Unsurpassed lightfastness provides tone integrity for decades
  • Contains no grease or oil, creating a superior matt finish
  • Includes several hardness degrees for greater artistic expression
  • Soft, rich charcoal pigments provide smooth, dark laydown
  • Effortless erasing and smudging for ultimate freedom
  • Leads use secural bonding (SV) process for extremely high break-resistance, reducing sharpening time
  • Water-based paint varnish is non-toxic and safe for peace of mind

Faber-Castell Charcoal Sketch Set

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