Popular Playthings Electricity and Magnetic Combination Kit is the fun way for kids to learn about electricity and magnets. This kit provides a multitude of ways for young scientists to learn basic electronic, magnetic and science concepts.

Includes a power source, connectors, a set of magnets, electric current indicators such as light bulbs, speakers and fans. With this kit, children can assemble a hand-powered generator and power their own electric circuit, by attaching magnets to a hand crank. There's an instruction booklet included, too.

For age 8 and up.

Popular Playthings provides award-winning toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and good old basic fun. From the Manufacturer Learning Mates, Electric & Magnetic Combination Kit has a multitude of different ways to teach basic electronic, magnetic and science concepts. With this complete kit, you can explore the relationship between electricity and magnets. Each Electricity and Magnetic combination Kit includes a power source, connecters, a set of magnets, instruction booklet and electric current indicators, such as light bulbs, speakers and fans. Assemble the hand powered generator by attaching the magnets to the hand crank and power your own electric circuit!

Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit


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