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Children will thrive on a good rods experience! The ten colours of varying lengths are designed to facilitate most mathematical concepts. Called Cruisenaire Rods or Coloured Rods. All rods based on 1 x 1 x 1cm. Brightly coloured, accurately cut “wood like” plastic rods in a jar. Suggest: 1 jar per 2 students. Best quality 155 pieces.

As children work the rods, little direct teacher supervision required. This allows the child to develop his/her own ideas about the relationships of the rods. Remember avoid always calling the white rod “one”. If you vary the number values of the rods, they become even more powerful, as most number facts will become apparent and very soon (seemingly) automatic. For children in middle school, the jumbo rods are a new dimension to arithmetical thinking. For instance:- Question- Just how many times larger is the jumbo white rod than the standard white rod?

Coloured Rods Plastic (Cuisenaire) – 155 Pieces in Jar

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