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Coin Reserve 1020 coins in a sturdy plastic container with lid. (Notes not included).Great for teaching children the value of money, buying and selling and familiarising them with coins. Use to encourage children to recognise and identify Australian coins. Money also an important aspect of students' lives and need to cover subject through hands on play and role play. Use as a discussion topic and see what each face represents while exploring how they fit into our native Australian landscape and heritage.


From as early as Year 1, students have to learn torecognise, describe and order Australian coins according totheir value. The next step is to count with money and to identify equivalent values in collections of coins, for instance that two coins of $1 are the same value as one coin of $2.This set of play money is perfect to do so. It will help students understand the value of money and is perfect for every early primary school class. Each coin clearly labels ‘Play Money'. The coins are made of plastic and come in a handy storage container. Ages 4+ years

Coin Reserve 1020 Pieces in Container

3-5 days
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