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Written by the founders of Generations of Virtue (various women and teenagers), this set of three booklets is specifically designed to help guide girls and their mothers through the passage from girlhood to womanhood. These books focus on the first period and explore the idea that women are blessed with God's gift to be able to give life. Our culture has made a women's period out to be a burden, but our desire is to communicate the wonder of God's creation and celebrate the positive aspects of womanhood, not the negatives. Celebrating Womanhood- Having your period is something to celebrate, and this booklet explains why. The second book in the Beautifully Made! series, Celebrating Womanhood covers subjects like "PMS," which products to use and how to use them, tips on health, and much more. You and your daughter can share quality mother-daughter time as you read and discuss this book; afterwards, she can keep the booklet as a continuous reference. Biblically centered, this book will give your daughter an encouraging message about her period. Recommended as a gift for your daughter at the start of her first period. Less

Beautifully Made! Celebrating Womanhood Book 2 (Generations of Virtue) by Julie


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