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Softback - In good condition


A grazier's daughter goes missing, last seen in the company of her Aboriginal lover.  The white community doesn't need to think about where to lay blame, the black community move instinctively to protect their own.


And in between are the station owners at Bahra Bay and the Muarry people who live and work there.  The intrigue slowly delveops in the acid bath of north Queensland life, but it is that rich, tumultuous and violent life which takes over.  The murder and the chase are only two events in the elegant shambles of the major characters' lives.


Black justice and logic pre-empts white vengeance, but the future remains indistinct.


George Watt in his first novel examines the convergence of two civilizations, ploughing a straight, sharp furrow in the plain of the Australian novel.

Bahra Bay by George Watt

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