Here at last is the story of Australia and New Zealand's role in a controversial war, for a new generation.

Australia and New Zealand followed the Americans into Vietnam to save the country from going down the drain to the Communists. Unlike other wars, there was no front zone, no safe zone and no glory. Having survived the jungles, the landmines and the shrewdness of the Vietcong, returning soldiers were told by the army to get out of their uniforms and not tell anyone where they had been. Many had been conscripted to fight, and risked their lives, but weren't given the heroic welcome home of other wars. Instead, media coverage and widespread public protests meant the veterans became the scapegoats for a war many believed we should have stayed out of.

Leon Davison's grandfather served in both world wars and when his father volunteered for Vietnam he was knocked back because of unpaid parking fines! Leon is the author of the critically-acclaimed 'Scarecrow Army: the Anzacs at Gallipolli'.

Australians & New Zealander in Vietnam Red Haze by Leon Davidson


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