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The book ‘Attribute Blocks : Developing Logic and Reason’ is suitable for K-Year 6. The games and activities in the book are designed to focus on the problem solving and reasoning proficiency strands from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. This book will help teachers gain the most from Attribute Blocks, which are often being under-utilised. Children will learn valuable thinking skills, logic and reasoning while working with Attribute Blocks. Attribute blocks have four distinguishable attributes: size, thickness, colour and shape. By using a wide range of different activities, this book will assist teachers to use attribute blocks to their full potential. From Venn-diagrams to Carroll diagrams and from tree diagrams, students will learn to sort and classify the attribute blocks in many different ways. Don’t let your attribute blocks sit unused on the shelf, and start using them with help of this book!

Attribute Blocks by Dr Paul Swan

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