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An exciting, inspiring story based on a real-life animal rescue. Includes lots of interesting animal facts, an interview with a real RSPCA inspector, information about the RSPCA children's club and more. Scholastic will donate 15p to the RSPCA from every book sold. Hannah and Evan are walking home from school when they hear a loud chirping noise. After searching in the snow, they find a little red robin caught in a glue trap, its tail feathers stuck to the sticky surface. Hannah and Evan call the RSPCA and wait for an inspector to arrive. The RSPCA inspector carefully frees the robin from the trap and takes the frightened bird to a local centre. After lots of care and treatment, the robin is ready to be released back into the wild, and Hannah and Evan watch as the robin flies into the snowy skies.

A Snowy Robin Rescue (RSPCA)


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