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Placement for All About Spelling

All About Spelling is a building block program–each level builds upon the previous one. The rules and concepts learned in Level 1 are applied in Level 2, and then those are applied in Level 3, and so on. For this reason, we recommend that most students start with Level 1. Since AAS is mastery-based, the level numbers do not correspond to grade levels. For example, Level 1 doesn't have to be completed in first grade.

Still have questions? Check out the resources below:

Is my student ready to start spelling?

Which level should my student start in?

  • If you think your student might be able to start at a higher level, please take a look through the scope and sequence PDFs to determine where he or she might have gaps in concept knowledge. Just know that the student has to know all of the earlier rules and strategies to start in a higher level.

Do you have additional questions about placement? We are happy to help. Contact us today!