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Math Formulas

Hasn't learned the addition and multiplication tables cold.

First, it's important that you learn Three Ways That Life of Fred Is Different.  (click here)


The Elementary Series was written for those who are not yet in at least the fifth grade.

Start with Life of Fred: Apples if your child does not know the addition tables cold.

Start with Life of Fred: Goldfish if your child does not know the multplication tables cold.

Each of the books contains so much more than just doing math facts.  We cover many different topics.  (This true in all of the Life of Fred books.)

For example, in Life of Fred: Dogs we teach about . . .

Ursa Major (Big Bear), Commutative, Asterism, Vowels, Cardinality of a Set, Loud Talkers, Hiring Freeze, One Quarter, Numerals vs. Numbers, Counting by Threes, Hoodwinked, Finding Patterns, Sheet Music for “Happy”, Four Basic Emotions, Right Angles, Quarter and Half Notes, Obligate Carnivores, Adjectives and Verbs, Carbohydrates, a Quarter to Three, the Mariana Trench, 5280 Feet in a Mile, Ferdinand Magellan’s Trip, What Pacific Means, Bacteria, Rabies in 300 B.C., Treating Cat Scratches, Capital Letters Start Sentences, Five Vowel Words: Mat, Met, Mit, Mot, Mut, Twenty-Two English Words That Don’t Contain a Vowel: By, Cry, ... , Tryst, and Why, Numbers Expressed as Hundreds, Tens and Ones, Sexagesimal and Decimal Systems, Numbers that Add to 13, Morse Code, Four Major Oceans of the World, Centuries, Centenarians, and Centurions, Homonyms, Square Feet, Prepositional Phrases, 71 English Prepositions, Volume, One Meter, the Three Countries of the World that Don’t Primarily Use the Metric System. What Mathematicians Do, Prime Numbers, Less Than (<).

Readers will receive a broad education in the ten books of the Elementary Series and the three books of the Intermediate Series.

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