Water Gardens and Mushroom Farms out of stock until late January due to supply issues

Water Gardens, Mushroom Farm & Compostable Compost Bin

It's easy, natural and fun. Start growing food today!

At Fluid Growers, we decided to help develop a new crop of urban farmers to grow their own food. With great ideas transformed into products that allow an emotional connection back to home grown produce, and practical education on sustainability. We are committed to customers in Australia and New Zealand, and their particular preferences in this journey of choices towards a more practical and sustainable living. We chose to back up Water Garden by our partners in the US Back to the Roots, as an example of a great idea brought to execution that is already delivering an impact in food consumption and lifestyle. This is a product we love. No matter where you use it, You would feel a personal connection to a little ecosystem between fish and plants in beautiful balance.

The Science Inside

Water Garden is closed-loop Aquaponics system. This farming method uses the waste of the fish to grow plants and clean its water:

1.  Fish waste produces Ammonia (can be toxic if accumulates)

2.  Beneficial Bacteria in Water Garden converts ammonia into nitrates

3.  Plants use Nitrates as food to grow, and clean the water from Ammonia

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