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“I like the way IEW takes the mystery out of writing for kids—and for homeschooling moms!” —Kandy F.

“IEW is a winner for reluctant writers and those who can write copious amounts with no structure! I have used this for several years and love the simple, one-step-at-a-time approach to improving your student’s writing.” —Christine H.

 “Teaching writing was intimidating until I found IEW!” —Jennifer P.

“Why couldn’t I have found IEW when I started out 5 years ago? We love Andrew and I’m learning right along with my boys! Everyone should be using IEW.” —Carrie D.

“I love to write but was having a hard time teaching my children to write well. Now we are using a program that we all like! The kids’ writing has noticeably improved. I am grateful for such a user-friendly, effective writing program.” —Janna O.

“This is a great curriculum! I’ve been using the Primary Arts of Language with my kindergartener. She loves every minute of it, and we are having great results. Thank you IEW for such a great program!” —Amy W.

“We have used IEW for the last three years. It is a fantastic program. The first year, we went from total handholding through the first few lessons to my son producing his own mini newsletter for our church. The instruction gave him the confidence to put his ideas into a well-written format that could be shared with others.” —Michele E.

“I love this curriculum. Both daughters used IEW and now they excel in writing in college courses!” —Diana G.

“As I began using the methodology from IEW, I noticed that my students no longer dreaded writing but enjoyed it.” —Leah S.

“My son has used IEW’s programs since third grade. He just scored in the 99th percentile on his PSAT with a perfect writing score. I could not be more pleased with the return on investment. Thank you, IEW!” —Cindy W.

“Just a quick funny story regarding my 9-year-old as she was working on a writing assignment for IEW. She put all of her ‘required’ dress-ups in the first few sentences of her paper and then asked if she had to use more. I told her ‘Well, you don't have to—you already did what was required.’ She replied, ‘Yeah, but if I don't, I will have a paper that is part “cleverly written” and part “boring.”’ I guess she’s getting the idea! Love your program! Thank you!” —Jamie G.

“IEW Online classes are worth it! I must say my two reluctant writers and I have benefitted greatly by the support and guidance from their various online teachers and Mrs. Beatty for two years!!! I love the time the teachers spend in their class giving clear instructions on areas that need more attention, areas that were new, and areas that they would work on together that day. Most of all, strictly spending time on their (finished) Fix It! homework! I think the once-a-week class is well worth it! Now as they get into HS, I continue to look to IEW teachers for guidance. Thank You! I couldn’t have done it without you!” —Prity P.

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