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Products Needed to Teach Level 1

In order to teach Level 1 to a single student, you will need these items:


All About Spelling Level 1 Materials

All About Spelling Level 1 Materials includes the Teacher’s Manual and one Student Packet (which contains the flashcards, charts, and other necessary components).

Spelling Interactive Kit

The Spelling Interactive Kit provides the multisensory components for the All About Spelling program. This is a one-time purchase, and you will use the same kit for all seven levels of All About Spelling. It comes in two versions: Basic and Deluxe. Visit Spelling Interactive Kits for complete information.


Teaching Multiple Students?

Each additional student will need:

What Does My Student Need to Know before Beginning Level 1?

All About Spelling is a building block program: each level builds upon the previous one. In order to build a strong foundation, most students start with Level 1.

If your student is a beginning reader, we recommend completing All About Reading Level 1 or the equivalent first, and then adding in the All About Spelling program, beginning with Level 1. This gives students a solid start in reading, and a strong basis for successful spelling. To learn more, read the article All About Spelling—The Right Time to Start.

What will my student learn in Level 1?

Your student will learn encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies for spelling, along with exciting new concepts, including phonograms, consonant teams, segmenting, syllables, consonant blends, initial blends, final blends, and plurals. Phonological awareness and encoding skills are taught throughout Level 1. Below is a sampling in each area:


  • Learn phonograms A-Z, plus TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, NK

  • Spell words with short vowel sounds containing new

  • phonograms, such as bath, dog, cash, wing, and such

  • Spell words ending in FF, LL, and SS, as in cliff, will, and miss

  • Spell words with initial blends, as in frog and swim

  • Spell plural words with suffix s or es, such as cups and lunches

  • Spell compound words, such as cobweb and bathtub

Phonological Awareness

  • Learn techniques for syllable counting

  • Identify the first and last sounds in words

  • Segment words with two and three sounds

See Inside the Level 1 Materials


The Level 1 Materials contain enough for teaching one student. For each additional student, you will need to order one Student Packet.

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