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All About Spelling Color Edition FAQs

What's New?

  • Teacher's manual is expanded and in color

  • NEW color activity book

  • NEW themed stickers

What's the Same?

  • Only 20 minutes a day

  • Based on proven research

  • One-year money-back guarantee


NEW Color Activity Book

Each level comes with a fun activity book filled with hands-on activities and greatly expanded word banks. There is also a new "advanced application" section that provides more of a challenge to older students and advanced learners. Spelling rule posters are an exciting addition that provide students with an at-a-glance reference to help build visual memory.

The engaging activities not only reinforce new concepts, but also provide continual review of previous concepts as students learn why words are spelled the way they are.


NEW Expanded Teacher's Manual

The new teacher's manual is in full color and lays out each lesson's concepts in a logical, organized sequence. The lightly scripted, step-by-step lessons make concepts easy to teach and easy to learn.

Extensive appendices, including a list of all current and previously taught spelling rules, provide an excellent reference. These manuals have more than doubled in size to include much more support for the teacher and student!

Letter Tiles

The Letter Tiles kit has some exciting changes! The newly revised kit includes:

  • Every tile needed for all levels of All About Reading and All About Spelling including prefixes, suffixes, Greek word parts, and Latin word parts

  • Tokens to use with All About Spelling Level 1

  • Updated Syllable Tags that work with both programs seamlessly

  • 2 zip storage bags for easy organization

  • Magnets

Letter-Tiles-2023-Fanned-with-Magnets (1).png

Review Box

The Review Box now comes with a set of divider cards.

Themed Stickers

New themed stickers for each level match the progress charts and include a large sticker of that level's hero character. Collect all the characters and place them somewhere special once the program is complete!


How Does the New Color Edition Work with the Previous Editions?

  • If you used the black-and-white edition of All About Spelling Level 1, you can go on to use the Color Edition of Level 2. Likewise, Level 2 Color Edition users can go on to use the Level 3 black-and-white edition.

  • Components of the black-and-white edition are not compatible with the Color Edition within each level. 

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