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Do You Dare Series

'Do You Dare fills a much-needed gap for engaging Australian historical fiction for children readers aged 8 to 12. These fast-paced, adventure-driven stories effortlessly bring to life so many facets of our past. But most importantly, they're compelling reads, driven by vivid action, great characters and some thrilling moments of jeopardy!'

Written by some of Australia's leading authors, the series introduces some of the lesser-known elements of our history through fast-moving stores set against an historical background of fact. 
Do You Dare? Australia Reader
Do You Dare? Australia Reader
Do You Dare? Australia Reader

Our Australia Girl Series

The idea for the series was born when Jane Godwin, Publisher, Books for Children and Young Adults at Penguin, noticed that there seemed to be a lack of "meaty and memorable books" for young girls. "I noticed little girls reading a lot of mass market, tween-oriented material with an emphasis on fashion, make-up and celebrity and that's fine, there's a place for it, but I felt that young female readers deserved something more. I also know that parents are concerned about the impact of 'tween' titles, worried that they're making this generation of girls grow up too quickly."

Australian Stories Grace
Australian Stories Letty
Australian Stories Grace Marly

Maths Wraps Ups

Put them in the hands of students and watch magic happen.

Linda Maher Books

Australia Wide Brown Land For Me
Adventures in Writing
Dazzle Fire Phonics

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